Jeremey LaBuff

Jeremey LaBuff (Northern Arizona University): “Kings of Leagues of Karians”

This paper explores the relationship between rulers, whether satraps or kings, and federal institutions in Karia from the Hekatomnids to the Seleukids, Ptolemies, and Antigonids. In the first section, the thorny problem of the “Karian League” and the title “King of the Karians” will be examined in terms of their supposed continuity from the 5th through the 3rd centuries. In particular, the meaning and role of the title “King of the Karians” enjoyed by Maussollos in the service of his power over the region will be related to third-century attestations of the league and the extent to which this league was also connected to the claims of various Hellenistic kings to

rule over Karia. In the second section, the elusive Chrysaorean League will be considered in relation to the area of western Karia disputed between the Ptolemies and Seleukids, and gradually freed by 167 BC. The emphasis in both sections will be threefold: first, a rejection of the political nature of the leagues as advocated by Hornblower (for the Karian League) and Gabrielsen (for the Chrysaorean League), in favor of their fundamentally religious nature; second, an examination of the ways in which sanctuaries served as focal points for articulating imperial ideologies; and third, an investigation of the evolving function of both leagues as institutions for local agency and self-expression in the face of distant imperial regimes.


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